[Lab] Lasercutter advice

Henri Kuschkowitz henri.kuschkowitz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 11:24:02 EDT 2012

Hey guys,

I am having difficulties trying to find the right values to cut through 3mm acrylic and was hoping on of you might have some advice. i went through the numbers in the book and nycresistors as well as trying to play with my own settins, but my cuts always end up being completely burned and melted along the edges. I always adjusted for vector cutting, speed, power and frequency.

Also a heads up, Inkscape and GIMP won't transfer any settings from the printer dialogue to the cutter. By that I mean, that all settings are reset (speed and power are reset to 50, I assume frequency is set back to 2500 as well). Therefore, I went for printing directly from a pdf, which I had to create in another program.

I need to cut some acrylics urgently for a project and any help would be great. I could meet most days as well if someone wants to guide me through it to identify where I went wrong. HELP! :)

Hope you all are doing well.


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