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Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
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Hey Everyone,

Megan Smith is our current Critical Writer in Residence, but she is really
working on pushing ideas a bit beyond the standard observe and report
model. She has a new post on our blog which I hope many of your can have a
read through and respond to as well. She is really interested in getting to
know the community, and to give it an even greater voice.

Here is a quote:

"Within this residency, through play and curiosity I will wonder who you
are and I am willing to use this public space, my role and Critical
Resident Blogger, to get to know you in the places that you walk, live and
spend your day.

I would like to try to bust open this social technology and let my feet
land on the ground right where you are. I would like to root your social
identity to a place."

Go here to read more: http://artengine.ca/blog/?p=2956
Megan and I also sat down with Diane Bonds from Apt613 to talk about her
residency and her ideas about the city and open culture. You can read that
interview on Apt 613:



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