[Lab] Research on Community, Collective, DIY and Activist Spaces in North America

Michael K. ecomike at yorku.ca
Tue Jan 24 12:40:11 EST 2012


My name is Michael Kenny and I am a student at York University's
Faculty of Environmental Studies.  I am beginning my thesis work on
Community, Collective, DIY and Activist
Spaces in North America space in North America, including both current
and former spaces.

I am hoping that those involved with your space will be able to assist
me with my research.

I will be taking an multi-disciplinary approach to my analysis on
these spaces, this includes the creation of a practical
guide for those interested in starting such spaces.  Some topics that
will be covered in my analysis include failures and
successes from these spaces throughout North America, financial and
legal considerations, benefits, and space usage.

I am looking for those who are currently involved with the operations
of your space and/or those who were involved in the founding of your
space to complete my survey - please go ahead and complete it yourself
and send it to anyone else involved.  The survey takes between 15-30
minutes depending on how detailed your answers are.

My survey can be found here:

It will remain up until the end of January 2012.

If you have any questions regarding my survey or my research, I can be
reached by email at the above address.  I will also be happy to send
you a copy of my research if requested.

Kind regards,
Michael Kenny

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