[Lab] Questions: 1) DIY PCB etching and 2) O-scope in lab?

bentfork at gmail.com bentfork at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 18:27:03 EST 2012

> One affordable option is Seeedstudio. They will do boards for a great price,
> and are good to deal with. Their basic service will do 5cm x 5cm PCBs, 2
> layers, with silk screen and solder mask. And it's only like $10 for 10
> boards, which is $1 per board. Really it's a fantastic price. 10cm x 10cm is
> only $25 for 10 boards. And you get the nice professional looking PCBs with
> holes drilled, solder mask, and silk screen layer on it too...

There are a lot of board fabricators out there now.  The problem is
choosing from the huge list.  You have to choose between
quality/cost/and turn around time.

Here a a few lists/reviews of them



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