[Lab] Questions: 1) DIY PCB etching and 2) O-scope in lab?

eric.schmidt at rogers.com eric.schmidt at rogers.com
Wed Jan 11 12:00:46 EST 2012

So, I've bitten the bullet after lots of lurking on the list, and have initiated our first "dad and kids" electronics project (ok, it'll be vastly "dad with kids looking on")

We're going to make this metal detector: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Treasure-Finder/1113/1

I'm just wondering how many of you have done PCB etching using the toner-transfer method.
After going through a bunch of youtube videos on the etching process, some of them mention the stinkyness/toxicity of the fumes from the acid bath. I bought FeCl3 etchant from Active, but now I'm thinking that maybe HCL+H202 would be better, as described here:

Regardless of etchant, though, in mid-winter, doing it in the garage is probably out of the question due to the cold (or is it?) but I assume I have to ventilate the heck out of whatever space we use.

any guidance on the etching process?

Next question: for this project, you need to tune the reference coil using either an oscilloscope or a frequency-counting multimeter. Does the Lab have either of these? Cuz I don't...

thanks in advance for any wisdom.

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