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Tue Jan 10 07:59:19 EST 2012

Speaking of sound, I came across this pretty cost-effective gadget on the US Radio Shack website.
10.99 USD - but you'd have to go to Ogdensburg to get it...

records up to 20 sec of audio (from a mic - not perfect, but fits my potential application, below), playback starts on the push of a button on the board, and stops when it's pressed again. Output is to a 8 ohm speaker (by the looks of it).
If the start/stop button mechanism can be messed with, this is a pretty cheap way to add a sound loop to stuff.
One nice feature is that you don't lose the audio loop if you remove the 9v...

Why I'm looking:
The young kids in my wife's clan love playing with this knick-knack at Nanna's house: it's a ceramic trumpet-playing-'hobo' who rocks back and forth to the tune of "When the saints go marching in". The sound comes from an actual loop of audio tape inside, yes, it's that old. Mechanically it's sound, but the audio part has started to get flaky. I was thinking of getting the sound clip recorded, then disengaging the tape drive, and playing the audio from a small digital circuit such as the one above. The hobo has an 8-ohm speaker like the one in the gadget above.

Some time ago, someone linked to a site of a company in Montral (I believe) that does marketing/promo gadgets a bit like this for displays and cards and stuff, but their target was bulk sales. Also looked a little bulkier than the Radio Shack trick, whose size would be easily small enough to fit in the hobo (I chuckle just writing that).

Now all I have to do is actually get started...


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I've given her a ping to see what I can do.

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 7:35 PM, Andrew O'Malley <aomalley at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi everyone,
>I'm writing on behalf of a colleague who's looking for some assistance
>building a sound circuit as part of a larger art piece.
>Here's what she's looking for:
>"I could use some help with setting up a motion sensor that will cause
>a small sound track of Happy Birthday Mr. President to play. I know
>nothing when it comes to electrical wiring, electronics and technology
>related to sound."
>I think this could be accomplished with an Arduino + Adafruit Wave
>Shield + a Sharp distance sensor (+ a small pair of powered PC
>speakers); however I won't have a chance to assist with actually
>putting everything together before the Jan. 28 deadline, so I'm
>throwing it out there in hope there's someone interested in helping w/
>the project.
>If this of interest to anyone, feel free to contact Marianne directly:
>marianne at intempo.ca
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