[Lab] using headers as connectors

Matthew Bells matt at mbells.ca
Wed Feb 15 09:02:17 EST 2012

There are really 3 factors you need to consider: the number of conductors,
the current, and the amount of mechanical stress.


I'm a big fan of cat-5 (or the smaller 4 conductor) connectors. These snap
in the connection, are cheap, the crimpers are cheap, and the wire is
available in both solid and stranded. Though these are only good for low
current / low voltage applications.



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If it's possible to use connectors without a tool then that would be a great
way of trying  few different kinds. 


I'm still poking around to find exactly what to buy.



On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 11:25 PM, <bentfork at gmail.com> wrote:

This is true, crimpers especially good ones are prohibitively expensive.
Some of the ones with interchangeable dies cost over 1k each. 

I've found needle nose pliers and solder makes for great connections.  As
long as you're not doing too many of them at once this technique works well.


On 14 February 2012 20:22, Micro <micro222 at yahoo.com> wrote:

They do have a specific length. I solder them to other wires when needed. I
find crimping pins to be too much of a hassle.

Decent crimpers are very expensive, very particular about the type and
manufacturer of the pins, and are often awkward to use. If the crimper
doesn't do a perfect job, your machine could miss steps intermittently and
ruin the parts you're trying to make, It could take you ages to trace the
problem to a poor pin connection. If you do decide to get a crimper, I'd
suggest you get one that holds on to the pin while you're trying to crimp


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But they have specific length right? 


The last connectors I made were for a 25' four conductor wire. I think I
need a way of using any length of wire... 


I think I need get some sort of crimper thing and some connectors from 2-8
conductor and give it a try.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 12:12 PM, Micro <micro222 at yahoo.com
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I use pre-crimped wires from pololu.com

You could take wire #1850(black m-f), cut it in half, and insert the pins
into housing #1902. They have a full assortment of colors. I keep a full set
of them so I can make cables as I need them.


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They work great but sometimes the clips pull out of the back of the female
side. Any ideas?


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