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They do have a specific length. I solder them to other wires when needed. I find crimping pins to be too much of a hassle.

Decent crimpers are very expensive, very particular about the type and manufacturer of the pins, and are often awkward to use. If the crimper doesn't do a perfect job, your machine could miss steps intermittently and ruin the parts you're trying to make, It could take you ages to trace the problem to a poor pin connection. If you do decide to get a crimper, I'd suggest you get one that holds on to the pin while you're trying to crimp it.


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But they have specific length right? 
The last connectors I made were for a 25' four conductor wire. I think I need a way of using any length of wire... 

I think I need get some sort of crimper thing and some connectors from 2-8 conductor and give it a try.

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I use pre-crimped wires from pololu.com

You could take wire #1850(black m-f), cut it in half, and insert the pins into housing #1902. They have a full assortment of colors. I keep a full set of them so I can make cables as I need them.


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They work great but sometimes the clips pull out of the back of the female side. Any ideas?



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