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There are a number of interesting 'word clocks' out there.  The one on
Instructables (and http://www.dougswordclock.com/components.html ) is a
simpler and lower resolution design.

I made contact with the group.  They are willing to sell the boards for $25
a piece.  I've had a few people interested in them.  So far I think
ordering 10 of them would be worth while based on the feedback ive had.

I think they may be releasing the gerber/schematics.  I know we've got some
pcb gurus in the group.  *Does anyone know of a cheaper way to get the
boards made If we can find the design?  *The group says they are making a
open hardware design, so it should be doable.  I've never sent any boards
out myself so I've no idea how to cost a board, or the actual dimensions of
the kickstarter board.  I think it may be about 20cm x 20cm or so.

On 11 February 2012 21:17, John Nicol <john_nicol at hotmail.com> wrote:
> There is a similar project on Instructables:
> http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Word-Clock-Arduino-version/
> I'm a big fan of kickstarter.  Recently someone put up a cool clock
> project there "ClockTHREE Jr"
> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/252714519/clockthree-jr
> It looks like a large but easy soldering job.  I contacted one of the
> project leads and they are willing to sell bare PCB.  If that is done
> it will be much cheaper to source the parts from Digi (or others) and
> get the costs lower.
> This would be a good project for the lab as we could use the laser to
> make some cool cases, and have a monster soldering/coding fest.
> Anyone interested in this?
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> That piques my interest.
> Jonathan
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