[Lab] FOR SALE: MyDIYCNC kit w/o spindle

Tom Burns tom.i.burns at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 00:48:30 EST 2012

Hey lab,

I've got a MyDIYCNC CNC kit with all the electronics.  It's a small CNC
kit.  Paid $390 + put in probably 80 hours working on getting this thing up
to scratch before giving up and having it sit in my garage for a year
unused.  Asking $250.


It's built,  I made the spindle modular so you can drop in a rotary tool
easily, and did a lot of work to fix it up as the kit is fairly bad
quality.  also comes in a 4-sided box.  Add 2 sides and you'd have a good
dust protection.  Has 3 stepper motors with drivers and can jog x,y,z.

I'll also throw in a bunch of carbide tip drill and routing bits for PCBs
and a few blank PCBs.

I basically had this working but have since changed hobbies to do
woodworking by hand more than needing a CNC's control.  It's taking up
space and probably needs ~10 hours work to be fully functional.


I'm keeping the spindle.
The electronics are all present but you'll have to redo the parallel port
-> stepper motor wiring.
The kit is rather poor quality and I did a lot of mods to fix part issues.
 For example parallel bars weren't parallel on an axis so I had to drill a
larger hole and attach a second panel to hold the parallel bar in the right

Check out mydiycnc.com for details on the kit.

Some pictures and more details from my old blog here:

More pics or answers to your questions if you're email.  please serious
inquiries only.

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