[Lab] Removing IC

Bruce lists at faintfuzzies.ca
Sat Dec 15 17:58:12 EST 2012

Richard, Jean-Marc, & Chris,

It turns out I was not so lucky after all there was one hole which has 
resisted all attempts to clear.  Maybe there is a piece of the IC stuck there, 
but for whatever reason I can not clear it.  Looks very much like I'll be 
ordering another board.  Live an learn.

Bruce Harding
Information Broker

On December 14, 2012 11:23:41 AM Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 10:02:44AM -0500, Bruce wrote:
> > Well it appears that I soldered one of my IC chips in to the wrong socket
> > of my Arduino motor shield.  I've tried to remove the solder with my
> > plunger, but just can't get all the solder to lift. I also tried braid
> > copper no luck.  Is there any hope of salvaging this shield?
> It depends on the quality of the board.  These are fairly good quality
> boards, so they should survive, but as noted, the chip may not.  Both
> methods suggested are likely to work.  I assume it was the 595 chip that
> got soldered in backwards or in the wrong place since the L293D chips
> usually have sockets provided for them since they are more likely to get
> fried by motor loads.
> I thought I had spares of that chip kicking around, but I couldn't find them
> in my list...  I have 74164, 74165 and 74299...
> I just soldered up my adafruit motor shield last night (the kids were doing
> christmas cards and other drawing/colouring/writing projects at the dining
> room table and asked me to join them with a soldering project.).
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