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Chris, Richard & Jean-Marc,

Thanks for all your suggestions and help.  I'm diffidently one of those that 
learns via error. ;-)  The chip in question is a L293DNE.  As mentioned the 
holes on this board are a bit on the smaller size so I don't think there will 
be a easy way to remove the chip with my skill level.  So I'll have to resort 
to cutting the chip leg and removing the remainder from the board on at a 
time.  If this saves the board I'll take it as a bonus.

Bruce Harding
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On December 14, 2012 07:22:44 AM you wrote:
> Likely the shield can be saved, the question is if the chip is savable.
> If it is a through hole (in some cases the holes are too small for easy
> de-soldering) you need to fall back to snipping off the legs of the IC and
> then taking them out one at a time with a de-soldering bump, which is not
> that hard.
> If it is an SMT device then there are still ways using a hot air gun and
> being careful to shield other components + picking the chip off with a
> screw driver.... often best to do this one outside as the better halfs
> often do not like the smell of roasted PCBs in the house...
> Do you have a spare IC? If not which one is it that you need?
> PS: this is one of those mistakes that most people make once =)
> C.
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> Well it appears that I soldered one of my IC chips in to the wrong socket of
> my Arduino motor shield.  I've tried to remove the solder with my plunger,
> but just can't get all the solder to lift. I also tried braid copper no
> luck.  Is there any hope of salvaging this shield?
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