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Chris De Groot cdegroot at adobe.com
Fri Dec 14 10:22:44 EST 2012

Likely the shield can be saved, the question is if the chip is savable.

If it is a through hole (in some cases the holes are too small for easy de-soldering) you need to fall back to snipping off the legs of the IC and then taking them out one at a time with a de-soldering bump, which is not that hard. 

If it is an SMT device then there are still ways using a hot air gun and being careful to shield other components + picking the chip off with a screw driver.... often best to do this one outside as the better halfs often do not like the smell of roasted PCBs in the house...

Do you have a spare IC? If not which one is it that you need?

PS: this is one of those mistakes that most people make once =)


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Well it appears that I soldered one of my IC chips in to the wrong socket of my Arduino motor shield.  I've tried to remove the solder with my plunger, but just can't get all the solder to lift. I also tried braid copper no luck.  Is there any hope of salvaging this shield?

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