[Lab] Illuminated Pin Buttons/Badges

Trevyn Watson trevyn at dybydx.ca
Wed Aug 15 21:49:36 EDT 2012

I've seen this sort of thing done with laser cut acrylic, LED, and 
CR2032 battery, like this:

You laser an acrylic badge (in a fancy shape, even) with a 2cm round 
hole for the battery and LED, etch your logo/name/etc, and the light 
shines out of the edges and etching. Stick a pin back or lanyard on it 
and you're done.

Use 1/8"/3mm acrylic and it will be the same thickness as the battery. 
Some people use a little clip to make sure the battery stays in, but I 
can't find an example at the moment.

On 11/08/2012 12|27, Mark Stephenson wrote:
> Hi, I'm helping with a Nuit Blanche group project, roaming sketch
> artists, and would like to give everyone of the artists involved a
> button to identify them as part of the project. I've been costing out
> standard pin buttons and I've done those before but since this event
> is at night I though it would be cooler to have something illuminated.
> Does anyone know of a cost effective way to get or make illuminated buttons?
> I am investigating glow in the dark buttons but thought I'd ping in
> the chance that there is a better cooler option out there.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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