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well, the urine is likely a bit acidic, so it won't due to just let it air dry and clean.  I would opt for clean pure (as I can get quickly) water, plenty of it and an "old, not to be used again for anything, toothbrush" to get the worst off, then some pure isopropyl alcohol (not rubbing) to clean a second time thoroughly to both clean and displace any water.  let dry for several days in a clean dry location ( a sunny window sill would work well) before applying power.
As for the cat....hmm....not going there....


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My cat chased a mouse into my room. It chose my uno-32, of all the real estate it could have used, as the perfect place to use the bathroom. 

What's the best way to clean a circuit board soiled by trapped wildlife. 

Yes, number 1 and 2



Ps, it less chased it there more brought it there to fight for my pleasure. Less pleased than it expected. 
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