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Tue Apr 24 10:44:59 EDT 2012

Hey Guys,
Update on the logo:At the last ModLab, we were playing around with LED's and the 3V, 20mm coin batteries. The plan as it currently stands is: 3 pairs of LED's and potentiometers, one red, one blue, one green. The LED's will sit in laser cut cutouts in the bottom layer of acrylic, with the potentiometers sitting in cutouts in the top layer of acrylic overtop of them, knobs facing out. This will hide the LED's and allow them to edge light the etched logo from within. Wiring will be done with copper ribbon wire, with conductive adhesive, sandwiched between the two layers, and running parallel near the edge of the piece.
Some concerns that were raised:With 3 LED's running 20mA from a 100mAh battery, the battery life will be less than half an hour.Potentiometers, LED's, batteries , ribbon wire and glue for the LED's must be sourced cheaply, yet at a high enough quality.
What we need from you:Sourcing for all of the above.LED's must be bright enough to light a 13.5cm by 8(ish)cm piece of acrylic, and be low enough power to maximize battery life.Batteries must be 20mm diameter (or less, but our current design is for 20mm batteries), less than 1/8" thick, and have a long life.Ribbon wire does not need conductive adhesive, but it will help.Potentiometers must be as small as possible (but big enough to cover the LED's) and work with the given batteries and LED's for a full on/off range.And of course, everything must be as inexpensive as possible, so we can make as many as possible to promote our awesome lab!
And, as always, any other input is welcome!
-Mike Coyle
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