[Lab] Modlab Logo (Michael Coyle)

Andrew O'Malley aomalley at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 15:01:28 EDT 2012

Aw, wish I could join in on this, this is right up my alley!

Looking forward to seeing pics and would be happy to help program etc.
later, however I am out of town this week . . .

Is this piece going to be sent abroad or used to travel w/?


Andrew O'Malley

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> Hey Everyone,
> As most of you know, at the past few modlabs there has been some work and discussion on a functional logo piece that we can use to promote connections with some hackerspaces in Europe. We have pretty much finalized the look of the piece now, however we still need to confirm the details of how the top piece is going to work.
> We have decided that the concept for the first piece will be either 3 separate LED's (red, blue and green) or one or two rgb LED's in combination with 3 potentiometers to allow control of the colour coming through a clear piece of acrylic, frosted with the word "MODULATE".
> That's where you come in. At the lab tonight, we were hoping to be able to confirm the exact wiring (including sourced LED's and potentiometers) as well as how exactly we are going to mount them so that they can light up the first of two pieces of laser cut acrylic glued flat together.
> So, come to the lab tonight ready with your ideas, and if you have any relevant parts laying around, please bring them too!
> -Mike Coyle

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