[Lab] OttawaLectures.ca looking for programmers

Andrew O'Malley aomalley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 19:26:13 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

An acquaintance of mine is working on a new calendar initiative
directed to lectures in the area, the details are provided below.

He is looking for programmers w/ an interest in the project who may be
able to volunteer some time for some coding sessions, per below.

If anyone's interested, please contact John directly at johnflynn at live.ca


We would like you to join us in our project named
''OttawaLectures.ca''. The goal of this initiative is to create a
centralized database of all public lectures (colloquia, symposia,
conferences, etc.) taking place in the national capital region. We
want to facilitate access to information by providing a free website
providing details (dates, places, topics, speakers, etc.) related to
these readings.

Our website will become operational in September 2012.

To further this idea, we would like to create a website with a
calendar of all lectures as well as a members (free) sign-up such as
Stumble Upon - meaning you choose your interests and the tagged
lectures would be sent as email invites or Facebook events.

We could do a blitz on Saturday April 14th or 21st. The idea is to get
a website platform up and running with the help of a few programmers.
I could host it at my apartment and would provide beer and pizzas for


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