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Anybody going to give this a whirl?

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Hey Resistor,

We're holding a contest! We just finished a mobile app called Freefall
Highscore that challenges you to find clever ways to suspend your device in
free fall for as long as possible. To celebrate, we're holding an phone-drop
contest in DUMBO sponsored by The Creators Project during their event.
Here's how it will go down:

1 you build a clever way to protect a device from a building-scale fall.

2 document it and submit on our site:

3 we pick the top entries and give them each an iPod Touch video to chuck
with your protective preserver, so you don't have to use your own phone
don't worry =)

4 we drop them and everybody cheers at the drama.

5 prizes! afterwords you get to keep the device whether it smashes or not.
Your beautiful and battle scarred preserver will be featured in our gallery
exhibition during the weekend event.  For playing you get VIP tickets to the
event plus Karen O concert tickets.

You have nothing to lose. We're accepting entries up to midnight on the
30th, so you have a week plus change to get your act together and make
something awesome!

Can't wait to see your amazing solutions.

- the freefall highscore team

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