[Lab] Power Supply Suggestions

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Hi, you can search power supplies (AC/DC converters) at Digikey.com by
filtering by voltage and power; from my previous experience, you
should be able to find something about the size of a deck of cards for
a fairly reasonable price.

Here's an example that's 4" x 4" x 1", 50W @ 12V for $20:

Good luck!


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> I just received a bunch of RGB LED modules that draw a peak of 0.75 watts @ 12V each. I'm going to be using a bunch of them, so I'll need a power supply that can handle at least 50W. I know I can pull this off with a standard ATX power supply, but does anyone have suggestions for something more compact?
> Also, I'll probably have a few extra LED modules, so let me know if you're interested. They are waterproof and LPD6803-based, so you can drive as many as you want with two pins on an Arduino.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
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