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Sat Sep 10 11:57:16 EDT 2011

You're going to get a lot more localized thermal effects every time the laser strikes a wire, which would also be under tension to be flat enough.  I don't think they'd last very long; stick with a more rigid grid like the artengine cutter's.


On 2011-09-10, at 11:31 AM, Darcy Whyte wrote:

> My current plan for my own laser is to make the cutting bed as follows (the place where the material being cut will rest).
> Make the frame from extruded aluminum. Then drill lots of holes along it and string very fine music wire (perhaps .020"). This will form a grid (perhaps an inch pitch) on which the material can rest.
> Can anybody come up with a reason I should not do it that way? My main concern is what will happen when the laser strikes the .020 on a regular basis.
> ArtEngine laser has a honeycomb square bed which is very thin metal and is structural because of the honeycomb structure. My machine will be cutting mainly balsa which is very light so the structure isn't a concern. I can always beef up for other jobs.
> Thots?
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