[Lab] drawbot pen changer/lifter

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sun Oct 23 15:37:19 EDT 2011

I'm making some headway with this project and I wanted to start to make a
pen lifter/changer. I was thinking it would be fun to be able to hold five
or six different color pens. Being able to pan the gondola around without
making a mark would be cool too.

So I started to come up with a design that uses two servos:

I suppose it could be a stepper with a lead screw for lifting and dropping
the pen and then a servo to rotate. It's just that the controller works with
two steppers and two servoes (at the moment). So it would be nice to use the
two steppers to run the drawing action and then two servos to change pens.

There are a few issues with the concept that I don't know how to solve...

I think I need some bras tubing to help out here. If you have a look at my
blog post you can see a sketch of the concept. Perhaps there are some better
ideas floating around out there.
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