[Lab] Artengine is looking for your views and input in our new lab and workshop spaces.

Moonsun Choi operations at artengine.ca
Wed Oct 5 17:13:29 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Artengine is currently working on a plan to equip and design the 
possible lab and workshop spaces in the new Arts Court building.

Since the City's Finance & Economic Development Council had approved the 
Arts Court Redevelopment Implementation Plan on July 13th, the resident 
organizations in the building have been working closely with the City 
and the architects in order to build up a substantial plan that our 
voices are heard and our and needs are fully reflected.

As one of the core initiators of the Media Hub idea at the new Arts 
Court, Artengine's submission in this regard included two new spaces;
1. Fab Lab - Clean Space (800 sq. ft.)
                       Tools and uses: 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser 
cutting, soldering, circuit prototyping.
                       The principal collaborative space for production 
and hands on instruction.
                       The Fab Lab could have some transparency to the 
outside Foyer passage, and inwards to the entrance area of Artengine and 
its offices.
                       Some tools for the Fab Lab are already in 
operations in the current Artengine Lab while others will be newly 
                       The Fab Lab is connected to the Workshop, and is 
visible from the Nicholas Street walk way.

2. Workshop - Dirty space (500 sq. ft.)
                      Tools and uses: band saw; CNC mill; drill press; 
belt sander.
                      A space for more significant tools that create 
dust and debris.
                      This new space will be outfitted with tools to the 
specifications of the space given safety and workspace issues with this 
heavier equipment.
                      Sound isolation from Artengine Office would be 
essential, while complete isolation from the Fab Lab would not be 
                      Entered from Artengine through the Fab Lab, a more 
practical connection to the Theater Workshop and loading dock in the new 
facility would be ideal.

In response, the architects has asked our input in the area of facility 
and technical requirements.
Attached is a Room Activity Data Sheet from the architects, which we can 
demonstrate what kind of facilities and technical support we require in 
the new spaces.

I wonder whether any of you would be interested in sharing your views 
and expertise in this area.
Please feel free to contact me at artistic at artengine.ca.

Talk soon!



Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
2 Daly Ave.	       Ottawa, ON
K1N 6E2	 	       613.686.1941

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