[Lab] [ORE_bits] Nema 17 controller wiring diagrams

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Hi, can someone tell me how to post a new msg/topic to the mailing list. I attended a 1 or 2 meetings along time ago when things were first getting rolling. Since then, I haven't been able to make it out cause of work. I still follow the mailing list sometimes but never really posted anything. What's the proper procedure and to reply to a msg, do i just hit reply all. 


- Mike

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According to the pic in your email for that stepper motor, it shows that A+C is one phase, and B+D is the second phase. so likely:Motor -> Controller PinA -> A+C -> A-
B -> B+D -> B-
If the motor behaves wonky or doesn't step evenly, then swap the polarity of one phase or the other (but the way it's shown in that diagram the way I listed above should work).

If the motor rotates in reverse, then flip the connector (totally reverse the order of all pins) that will make the motor spin the opposite way.
Unfortunately there is not a lot of standard in labelling, but basically with 4 wire bipolar steppers, there are 2 phases, (which even without a diagram you can identify by checking resistance between the wires) But most controllers I've seen go with the A and B phase, and +/- for each pin in the phase. Or A1,A2 and B1,B2 for example. Either way any 2 wires with continuity form a phase, each phase is either A or B, the order is unimportant. The polarity of the phase is, but you should be able to find that by trial and error (no risk of damage to the motor). Then the direction of the motor is swapped easily by flipping the entire wire order once you've identified the 4 wires...

The RepRap wiki, and I believe Wikipedia both have articles on identification/wiring of steppers also.
Hope that helps.
- Paul

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Darcy Whyte <darcy at siteware.com> wrote:



      I'm wiring up some controllers for projects and one of my kits has some confusing documentation. Any body know much about stepper wiring?

Wiring a Nema 17 Controller


I have this Nema 17 controller and I’m just wiring it up now. It has some confusing documentation.

The wires are Red,Green,Black and Blue.

The motor diagram is labeled A,B,C and D.

The controller diagram is labeled A- A+ B- B+.

Anybody know what the standards are for labeling?



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