[Lab] Theremin building workshop and theremin playing lesson videos

Richard Guy Briggs rgb at tricolour.net
Thu May 26 12:20:51 EDT 2011

Hi Folks,

Several times, the discussion of Theremin building workshops has come
up and even do a small theremin orchestra.  I'm keen to build some
semiconductor-based ones.  There are heaps of theremin schematics on the
net, many vacuum tube-based.  I'm willing to develop a workshop with
Normand, not ever having built one yet myself.

Here's a couple of really simple ones:
I also found one made from a Kinect, which also adds a modulation

In terms of lessons, I found this set of video lessons by "thereminist"
Thomas Grillo:

The music some of us heard last night at the OCLUG photography SIG was a
Theremin duet with Hammond Novachord, a 72-channel polyphonic
synthesizer that predates Moog's 1960 monophonic synthesizer by 25
The Novachord is a very rare instrument (1000 were made in 1935.
They weigh 500 pounds, use 169 vacuum tubes...), but the Museum of Sci.
and Tech. here in Ottawa actually owns one that was acquired in 1977.
It is not in playable condition.  I am hoping to gather a group to see

The other related instrument I learned of last night from Edgar was the
"Ondes Martenot":

(Oh man, I just thought of a wonderful place to do a theremin playing
workshop: at CAMMAC.ca where we spend a week each summer and
thanksgiving weekend...)

	slainte mhath, RGB

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