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Ottawa Fastener Supply (http://www.ottawafastenersupply.com/) in Bells
Corners has an awesome selection and great prices.

Also there is a Fastenal (http://www.fastenal.com) in Bells Corners as well,
which has a pretty good selection.

Another one is Brofasco (http://www.brafasco.com/*)* which is near
merivale/hunt club

Pretty much all of those are only open 9-5 monday to friday, and then some
are open saturday as well. (I normally choose Ottawa Fastener Supply as they
have the nicest selection and are open saturdays, and they are nice and
close for me).

- Paul

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> Ottawa Fastener?
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> Hey everyone,
> Can anyone suggest a good on-line fastener supplier that actually
> ships to Canada?
> I'm looking for 1-1/2" long 4-40 screws, and my regular supplier
> (Small Parts) is out.  Amazon doesn't have these parts, and McMaster
> Carr won't ship to Canada >:|
> Local places like Canadian Tire and Home Depot don't have 4-40 screws
> in longer lengths.  Any other local places that I could try?  I may
> use Fastenal, but I'm sure they'll have to order them in.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated; thanks,
> ao.
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