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When I was in the air force, I was the engineering officer in charge of one of 
the last projects to actually install equipment down there (I think this was in 
94?). It certainly is a cool little facility, and I was very happy to hear the 
news when they decided to make it a museum.

another neat factoid: they have an amateur radio station in there as well: 
http://www.storm.ca/~nshepherd/VE3CWM/  very cool indeed...

I was totally bummed when I missed the movie night where they showed "Dr 
Stangelove" down in there ... that would have been 8 kinds of awesome...


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Lol, yeah it's a pretty neat little re-purposed facility. Nice walking through 
the double steel doors and stepping over the sealing strip made of copper which 
finishes off the Faraday cage in the main server room once the door is closed. 
The main server room is shielded, as is the building, and all the shielding is 
tied into massive copper ground plates buried deep under the building (there is 
like a square kilometer of ground plate at like half an inch thick) lol...

Stuart (the owner) is a good guy, and easy to deal with. It's a small business, 
and he commonly has "customer appreciation bbq" events and such in the summer 
out at the facility. (normally includes free tours of the Diefenbunker complex 
as well).

The Radome on the roof is pretty slick too, still has the original 
NATO satellite uplink equipment in it, the thing is bloody huge (like a 30' 
diameter dish, on motorized mount and all that) all sealed in a geodesic dome.

Also one of the few datacenters in the area with a massive generator, and which 
keeps like 30 days of fuel onsite at all times, meaning in the event of a power 
outage they can keep operational for a month lol...

Fun stuff.

- Paul

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 3:17 PM, Andrew Plumb <andrew at plumb.org> wrote:

Heh. I like this part of their FAQ: https://www.koallo.ca/node/44
>Where are the servers located?
>The Koallo servers are located within our own secure, carrier grade, Datacenter 
>facility in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
>The datacenter is a former NATO facility which was built as part of the 
>Diefenbunker complex.  The servers are protected by multiple layers of security 
>including a barbed wire fence and three feet thick concrete walls as well as an 
>EMP shield.
>On 2011-03-21, at 3:12 PM, Paul & Andrea Mumby wrote:
>Hey, so a friend of mine, Stuart, from Koallo Internet Services has decided to 
>throw out a discount to any modlab/artengine members that want to use it. He 
>likes helping out local community groups, and thought we were a good bunch. The 
>discount offers 10% off all web hosting services, valid until April 30th. Not 
>sure if anyone needs hosting but if so here's a way to save some money, while 
>supporting local business.
>>Also Emily, if you could perhaps forward this onto the artengine mailing list as 
>>well, in case any of them are interested in hosting anything.
>>- Paul
>>Here's the relevant details straight from him:
>>Koallo Internet
>>Artengine 10% discount on hosting
>>This certificate entitles you to a discount of 10% at Koallo Internet. Please 
>>visit us at https://www.koallo.ca and enter the code ARTENGINE at checkout to 
>>obtain your discount.
>>Valid until 04/30/2011.
>>May be used for any of the following:
>>Web Hosting.
>>Lab mailing list
>>Lab at artengine.ca
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