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Heh. I like this part of their FAQ: https://www.koallo.ca/node/44

Where are the servers located?
The Koallo servers are located within our own secure, carrier grade, Datacenter facility in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The datacenter is a former NATO facility which was built as part of the Diefenbunker complex.  The servers are protected by multiple layers of security including a barbed wire fence and three feet thick concrete walls as well as an EMP shield.


On 2011-03-21, at 3:12 PM, Paul & Andrea Mumby wrote:

> Hey, so a friend of mine, Stuart, from Koallo Internet Services has decided to throw out a discount to any modlab/artengine members that want to use it. He likes helping out local community groups, and thought we were a good bunch. The discount offers 10% off all web hosting services, valid until April 30th. Not sure if anyone needs hosting but if so here's a way to save some money, while supporting local business.
> Also Emily, if you could perhaps forward this onto the artengine mailing list as well, in case any of them are interested in hosting anything.
> Thanks!
> - Paul
> Here's the relevant details straight from him:
> Koallo Internet
> https://www.koallo.ca
> Artengine 10% discount on hosting
> This certificate entitles you to a discount of 10% at Koallo Internet. Please visit us at https://www.koallo.ca and enter the code ARTENGINE at checkout to obtain your discount.
> Valid until 04/30/2011.
> May be used for any of the following:
> Web Hosting.
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> Lab at artengine.ca
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