[Lab] Discount for ArtEngine Members

Paul & Andrea Mumby themumbys at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:12:03 EDT 2011

Hey, so a friend of mine, Stuart, from Koallo Internet Services has decided
to throw out a discount to any modlab/artengine members that want to use it.
He likes helping out local community groups, and thought we were a good
bunch. The discount offers 10% off all web hosting services, valid until
April 30th. Not sure if anyone needs hosting but if so here's a way to save
some money, while supporting local business.

Also Emily, if you could perhaps forward this onto the artengine mailing
list as well, in case any of them are interested in hosting anything.


- Paul

Here's the relevant details straight from him:
Koallo Internet

Artengine 10% discount on hosting ARTENGINE

This certificate entitles you to a discount of 10% at Koallo Internet.
Please visit us at https://www.koallo.ca and enter the code *ARTENGINE* at
checkout to obtain your discount.

Valid until 04/30/2011.

May be used for any of the following:

Web Hosting.
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