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One of the groups I volunteer with  ( http://greatballoonchase.ca/ )
and previous holders* of a amature weather balloon altitude record
(~39km up)  recieved a grant form the Awesome Foundation.

They are very Awesome.  I personally recommend them!

* ( http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/SciTech/20101205/Lanark-Space-Agency-101205/ )
Recently Cornell University broke our record...

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> Hey Everyone-
> I was talking to Guy about this at the last Mod Lab meeting and forgot that
> I hadn't sent it out to the lists yet. I know there are a lot of awesome
> ideas between the Mod Lab members so please don't be shy and apply.
> Emily
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> From: Emily Daniels <emily.daniels at gmail.com>
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> Subject: Micro-grants for Awesome Projects
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> Hello Everyone,
> In case you haven't heard about the Awesome Foundation, I wanted to share
> with you a bit of our vision and urge you to gather some crazy ideas
> together and apply.
> The Awesome Foundation is a network of individuals formed into chapters of
> 10 trustees and spread out all over the world. Each month we pool $100 of
> our own money together to give a no strings attached micro-grant of $1000 to
> a person or a team with the best idea for an innovative project.
> Awesome projects are not strictly defined, but tend to challenge and expand
> our understanding of our individual or communal potentials. They bring
> communities together, casting aside social inhibitions and boundaries for a
> moment. They spark an instant of joy and delight and inspire a long-term
> hope for a more awesome future. Many chapters are city-specific and try to
> fund projects that are within their local communities, but some will go
> outside of that if the project is awesome enough!
> In Canada there has been a chapter in Ottawa (link<http://awesomeottawa.ca/>)
> since May of last year, and one has just started in Toronto
> (link<http://awesometo.wordpress.com/>)
> with their first grant going toward a grantee who will turn the city into a
> giant number puzzle
> (link<http://www.thestar.com/news/article/944544--awesome-foundation-s-first-toronto-winner-will-turn-the-city-into-a-number-puzzle>).
> There is a Calgary and a Montreal chapter forming now too!
> The main site of the Awesome Foundation is here<http://awesomefoundation.org/>,
> where all you need to apply is to describe in 500 words or less the project
> you want to do. I hope to see some of your awesome ideas!
> Cheers,
> Emily
> --
> Emily Daniels | emilydaniels.com | @emdaniels | awesomefoundation.org

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