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Fri Mar 18 11:41:59 EDT 2011

Hi Folks;

Forgive me the somewhat pointless post, which can only be filed under: "This 
looks really cool"

A recent Maker Shed store email had this piece of kit advertised:
Weighing in at around 4 ounces,  and only the size of a pack of gum is  the WiFi 
enabled BlinkRC receiver. This tiny little circuit board,  stuffed to brim with 
components, allows anyone to easily swap out a  standard R/C car, boat, or 
airplane receiver and convert it to  communicate on an available WiFi network. 
Why go WiFi? Simple, it allows  you to control your R/C car with your iPhone or 
Android smartphone.  Just plug it in, replacing your stock receiver, download 
the free  application, and you’re off! 

For the more adventurous, try creating an application on your computer  that 
takes advantage of the open messaging protocol and the BlinkRC’s  (3) output 
channels and (2) analog input channels. Now you can control a  variety of 
different servo’s and sensors from almost anywhere that you  have WiFi or 
Internet access. 


Link to the ad:

At $124 it's not super cheap, but, man, I'd love to make something cool from 


Eric S.
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