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Thu Mar 10 11:41:11 EST 2011

I've a number of piezo's in my project box at home.  I'd be more than
happy to share one or two.  I don't have the part number handy but It
_can_ be driven directly from a MSP430 IO pin via PWM with a
reasonable volume.

Let me know if this could help.  I think they cost me between 20-75 cents each.

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> I would like to use a piezo in a project of mine.  I need to have this
> project done by Saturday morning.  Any one know where I can get one?
> I Though of gervais and active, but they close too early as I work
> till 5.  Any one one of some thing that might contain one like a
> birthday card or is that a speaker?
> Jean-Marc Le Blanc
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