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Thu Jun 30 13:42:23 EDT 2011


My name is Bruce Harding and I just joined the group.  I've always had an 
interest in DYI projects, but never the time to do it.  I was the manager of 
Computer Books for Less until it closed where I first learnt of the Maker 
movement via the Make magazine that I brought in.  That sort of rekindled my 
interest in electronics and other DYI projects.  

The last time I worked on anything like a DYI electric project was more they 
35 years ago, so to say I'm rusty is any understatement. 

The real impetus to start now is that I'm an amateur astronomer.  One of the 
big issue in astronomy is dealing with dew accumulation on our mirrors and eye 
pieces.  We combat this problem with what is know as dew abatement systems.  
These can include heat straps and controllers.

Presently I've a basic controller. But I want to have something with more 
options the closest thing too that would be 
Well I don't what to buy one so I looked around for one I could make and came 
up with this... http://www.iceinspace.com.au/63-597-0-0-1-0.html.  I think 
this will be a challenge for me, but I'm hoping that being part of this group 
and your advice will keep me from disaster.

So there you go. Me in a nutshell (O'Reilly book humour intend)


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