[Lab] Source for 2.25" dia, 8 ohm, .25w speaker

eric.schmidt at rogers.com eric.schmidt at rogers.com
Tue Jun 21 13:49:08 EDT 2011

Hey all;

This really shouldn't be so difficult, but I've tried Active, Reset and Gervais 
electronics to find the subj part (a small speaker, 2 1/4 inch dia, 8 ohm, .25 
watt speaker). A smaller speaker might work, as it fits into a recessed circle, 
but larger definitely won't work.

Repairing a broken "sentimental family heirloom"

Where do you folks order parts from, if you can't get them locally?

I'd sooner order the right part than buy something cheap and break the speaker 
out of it, but that's an option too...

cheers, thanks,

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