[Lab] Contents of Lab Digest, Vol 16, Issue 10 Marauder CNC

John Nicol john_nicol at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 17:02:54 EDT 2011

Today's Topics:

   1. Marauder project (around 400 bucks and counting) (Darcy Whyte)


Hi Darcy,

Nice to meet your virtual acquaintance!  First time posting in the mailing
list so hopefully I don't screw it up too badly.

I went to your website briefly and saw the electronics proposed.  I would
stay away from that particular Chinese design and manufacturer.  I purchased
a 3-axis board + NEMA 17 motors off eBay and have had nothing but problems.
There is even a forum discussion on CNCZone about these.  The design is


There are suggested fixes in the forum discussion and I have applied these
(and learnt how to solder SMD at the same time, so it was worthwhile from
that point of view), but although it improves the noise, it is missing steps
all over the place.  A piece of crap.  I made the CNC described in
Instructables here:


I have a picture of what I have made and can email separately.  All up, I
guess it cost me $600 so far.  It would work quite well I am guessing if I
had a "real" controller board.  I am thinking of getting a kit from hobbyCNC
and buying some 6 wire Nema motors from eBay to make it all work.  Currently
I have a dremel, but will upgrade that to a trim router. 


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