[Lab] Marauder project (around 400 bucks and counting)

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Mon Jun 6 12:02:31 EDT 2011

You may remember the Mantis project. There's a build going on in Toronto and
in Ottawa but those projects are not making much headway.

I believe the problem is that the Mantis cutting format is small and the
machine is not generally attractive enough to motivate someone to get
through the complexity of making it (despite the low cost of the machine).
Also a few gaps in the bill of materials and the build logs doesn't help.

So I started my own design (working name has been Marauder but anyone can
suggest a name). There's a page for it at http://mambohead.com/maraudercnc/.
The page is still sparse but I'll have pictures and drawings soon.

Here's what's different:

-I picked a higher price so it could have real bearings and do real work
(instead of being just a learning experiment). I'm attempting to come up
with something less than 500 bucks (including everything but the computer).
I figured, if someone wants a simple CNC, 100 bucks is too dreamy. So the
base design needs to be more functional.
-it's still a cool learning experiment
-It will easily accept a dremel as a spindal (and of course a plastic
extruder). I'm working on a YAG laser too but so far that's over 1000 bucks
-The format will be 12x12x2 (I might make a 12x9x2 option and of course
people will probably scale the machine a bit if they have a specific job for
-It will be totable (I figure if people can tote their cat in a box, then we
can get a CNC into that format)
-It will have a door for dust and noise control.
-MDF + acrylic = easy. Well, the acrylic is harder to cut I think but people
can just use MDF for everything.

Parts for prototype are on order. If anybody wants a hand in this, you're

If anybody wants to make one, let me know. So far I've had two people
express interest.

I think this project will increase the audience of CNC machines and be a
benefit to the community.
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