[Lab] Lab Notes for Tonight

Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Wed Jun 1 12:13:20 EDT 2011

Just a few notes for the altered set up in the Lab for everyone who will be out tonight. I am in Montreal at the Mutek Festival so will not be able to attend :(

Their is a projector mounted in the ceiling connected to a Mac Mini on the top of the MakerBot area. The Mini is also connected to the speakers there, and a wireless keyboard and mouse are there so you can navigate from the big workspace in the middle of the room.

The MakerBot has its own tool bench hopefully this will help get the kinks out and make it more accessible.

Their are two new tool benches along the far wall. They are not very set up so if people want to help out with a bit of organizing that would be great!

The large plywood worksurface is a fit together on top of the two red carts that we usually house tools. It rotates and moves from side to side, but doesn't move backwards or forwards easily. If it needs to be moved out of the way it can be pushed directly against the wall.

There is a new shelf with the intention of creating a Give-a-Part - Take-a-Part space where Artengine can leave overflow of components and hopefully users can contribute bits and bites as well.

Feedback is welcome on how the lab is shaping up.

Have a good evening!

Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
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