[Lab] how to snip 19" paper?

David Nesbitt david at eastcoastfreediver.com
Thu Jul 28 11:09:41 EDT 2011

Just a suggestion, you could pick up some replacement cutting blades from 
Michaels that are used in dedicated paper cutters. E.g. the "Fiskars 45mm 
Rotary blades" or "Fiskars Ultra SharpeXpress Replacement Blades" and mount 
them into the bot. They also have cartridge blades mounted in plastic 
holders with different cutting patterns that wouldn't be to hard to make a 
mount for.

You might consider ripping the paper cutting arm from one of the bigger 
paper cutters (rotary or what ever). You can usually find a 40-50% off 
coupon in the flyers Michaels has at the store if you go that route.

Were  you thinking about making the paper cutting automated or manual? If 
you wanted some added drama you could have a big guillotine style swing arm 
cutter to slice the paper :-)

I have a rotary paper cutter and the cutting surface is similar to a rubber 
cutting mat. I think cutting into a groove might pinch the paper and cause 
problems with the paper feed.

My 2 cents and my first post to the list. 

David Nesbitt
Ottawa, ON


From: "Darcy Whyte" <darcy at siteware.com>


I want to snip off this paper. Any ideas?

Perhaps just have a blade or circle cutter run across it? 

I wonder if a rotary cutter that penetrating into a grove would work?

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