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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sun Jul 10 10:50:23 EDT 2011

ArtEngine has a couple of Arduinos right?

Why don't I make a couple more Arduino drawbots so they can sit on the bench
at ModLabs? The Arduinos would still be available for other projects (since
they can plug and unplug) and people could hack around with them during

I think it's a great way to get into Arduino.

I'd be glad to help people get started too. Further, if anybody want's to
have an arduino hack fest we can use the drawbots for that. Members can sign
them out (or just talk to me and I'll sign them out for them) and we can get
some more people having fun with arduino.

Just a thought.

I can make those portable drawbots for about $2.00 each without the
steppers. Seems like a no brainer for constructive fun.

If there are no objections and there is one other person interested, I'll
put together another drawbot and we'll start with the two I have.
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