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Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Fri Jul 8 09:55:39 EDT 2011

Hey Folks,

Changes are afoot at Artengine, and we are looking for a part time lab coordinator for Artengine. It is not a high paying professional job, but it is a flexible job with lots of room to grow with the organization. Please forward the call to any other list where you might find interested parties.

Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
2 Daly Ave.	       Ottawa, ON
K1N 6E2	 	       613.686.1941

Try your luck with Adrian Göllner at http://artengine.ca/shapeofluck
Read the Driving Creativity Blog at artengine.ca/blog
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Job Posting : Artengine Lab Coordinator

Lab Coordinator
20 hours per week.
Deadline for applications: Friday August 11th, 2011

Please send CV and Cover Letter in PDF form to everybody at artengine.ca

Artengine is seeking a creative technical individual to join it’s unique organization. The Lab Coordinator will assist in the ongoing operation of it’s dynamic production facilities including it’s electronics lab, media lab (shared with SAW Video) and it’s field equipment. They will also work with the Artistic Director on the overall development of the Artengine facilities. The base hours of the Coordinator position will also be supplemented from new Artengine projects as they are developed.

The broad range of technologies used at Artengine require a passionate individual open to learning and developing with the organization. There is no specific technical skill set which is the exact fit for this position, but an eagerness to learn will create opportunities for professional development on new and unique technologies. Beyond this key open characteristic, experience with an artistic production facilities or studio will also be a key asset. 

Familiarity with creative approaches by electronic artists and makers should include some of the technologies and techniques described below: 
	• multi-channel video projection
	• live video (Pure Data, Max/MSP, Modul8, Isadora)
	• 3D printing
	• laser cutting
	• hardware modification
	• software programming
	• stereoscopic video
	• projection mapping
	• multi-channel sound
	• Arduino implementation

Lab Coordinator duties would include: 
	• general maintenance/up-keep of facilities and equipment
	• manage workshop scheduling
	• coordination of community use 
	• preparation of rental equipment
	• collaborate on equipment purchasing
	• contribute to development of a new Artengine facility in the new Arts Court

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