[Lab] Arduino Eithernet shield help

Will Harding harding.will at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 09:48:27 EST 2011

Hi Andrew,

My guess would be that because your server error is returning "(none)"
before the path that you requested, you may have your server setup to
only respond to certain host names. Try adding the "Host" header to
the request:

  client.println("GET /ctrm/bf_last_tweet.txt HTTP/1.0");
  client.println("Host: andrews-server.com");

Another option would be to put the fully qualified URL into the get line:

  client.println("GET http://andrews-server.com/ctrm/bf_last_tweet.txt

but it would go with the Host header, since its mandatory in HTTP/1.1+
anyway. Let me know if that works, or at least gets you a different
error that might be more helpful.


PS. If it keeps up you can always fire me some server logs and I can
have a look.

On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Andrew O'Malley <aomalley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Was wondering if anyone out there has any experience w/ the Arduino
> Eithernet shield?  This is my first time using it, and I'm not having
> any luck w/ GET requests.
> I'm adapting the WebClient sketch from the Arduino (0021) examples,
> and I am able to connect to my server via port 80, but I cannot
> succeed in my GET request.
> These are the two lines which I think are giving me problems:
>   client.println("GET /ctrm/bf_last_tweet.txt HTTP/1.0");
>   client.println();
> The response from my server is this:
> <h1>404 Not Found</h1>
> <p>The server can not find the requested page:</p>
>  <blockquote>
>   (none)/ctrm/bf_last_tweet.txt (port 80)
>  </blockquote>
> So I'm wondering if I'm screwing something up w/ slashes, hard
> returns, etc., or maybe I should use a different port altogether? I've
> verified that the file/path is correct, and tried w/ other pages but
> just can't get any GET requests to return anything.  It does not work
> w/ the default example to Google, either.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> ao.
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