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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Thu Jan 20 18:50:16 EST 2011

I think this workshop idea is pretty awesome.

I would be able to do workshops in:

WordPress setup and operation
How to set up your own Web server at home or otherwise.
Web design (HTML, PHP, MySQL and such).
Web related (SEO, Social Media, Social tools)

I'm a professional programmer so I can come up with something for
processing.org or arduino or both.

Sooner or later I'm going to be able to do something on CNC but I'm still up
to my eyeballs in figuring it out. I'm going to try and get an extruder on
order as soon as I'm sure about the one I want and the options for it. I
might learn a bit about that too.

One thing that would be cool is if there was a certification for using the

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Hi Everyone,

Ryan and I have been busy hatching some fun plans, a few of which I've
detailed here<
I talked with some of you at last night's Mod Lab meetup but for those who
weren't able to go, we'd like to offer knowledge-sharing workshops open to
the public for free on topics like Learning to Solder, Intro to Processing,
Using the Arduino, 3D Printing with a Makerbot, Wearable Tech, Web Design
and Development and anything else people would like to learn how to do!

We need people to volunteer to be teachers/skill-sharers and lead a 2-3 hour
workshop on whatever subject is interesting to learn/share. Artengine will
cover any materials you need and the meeting space. We hope to host one a
week starting in mid-February and post resources and further learning links
on the wiki for others to use and develop. I'll be reaching out to some this
week who have already stepped forward to teach but if you'd like to be
involved please email me so I can include you on this project. Just like our
Maker Faire, it's only as good as the people involved make it so please
don't be shy and share your work!!



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I think for scheduling we where looking at Thursday evening. We have some
other groups going on Wednesdays. If we have enough out of the gate we can
have them on the off weeks to Mod Lab, but can also just start with one per

Part of the motivation for this to go along with our new Open Membership.
The Open Membership will cost $50 when you teach one of these free workshops
in a year, and will give you free access to the lab and equipment for that
year. You can of course teach a workshop even if you are not interested in
the Open Membership, but we hope this will create a kind of fair exchange
for knowledge and gear.

I'm really looking forward to getting this off the ground!

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