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Richard Guy Briggs rgb at tricolour.net
Sun Jan 16 20:38:59 EST 2011

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 06:12:24PM -0500, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 07:14:29AM -0500, Darcy Whyte wrote:
> > I would like to make a human powered generator for an art project.

> > I am curious if a couple of NEMA 34 motors is large enough to capture all
> > the power that a human can generate.

> Do you have a link for your NEMA 34 motor specs?  I've seen anywhere
> from 50W up to 500, so it sounds like those might work!

> > I'm suspecting that a stepper motor is a good candidate to make the
> > electricity. I think the first part of the project is to make up some BOMs
> > that show what motor to use, the RPM that it would require and parts for a
> > rectifier and whatever else is necessary to operate in these applications.
> I've got lots of small ones, so I can try some tests and see.  I
> wouldn't have thought they would work because the rotor I thought was
> unmagnetized steel.

I now understand that NEMA 34 is a mounting plate standard.

So, looking through my box, I have one NEMA 34 motor and four NEMA 23,
plus about eight NEMA 17 or smaller as well as a bunch of other smaller
assorted steppers.

The NEMA 34 is a Matsushita 1HHS-486CS, 6V, 2.2ohm, 1.8 deg/step 6-wire
unipolar.  I can't find any info about it on the net.  My guess is it
its max rating is around 36W, maybe double that depending on how they
rate them.

Hooking up a bridge rectifier across each coil, using a cordless drill,
I was able to get .5A short circuit and beyond 12v out of it open
circuit.  Using various loads, I think I was able to get as much as 12W
out of it.  It wasn't exhaustive, but I think that was somewhere near
the peak.  I may have been able to get more with a higher speed.

One of the NEMA 23 motors is a Matsushita 1HHS-457CH 24V, 26ohm,
1.8deg/step 6-wire unipolar.  Didn't find anything on it either.  Again
my guess is 48 or maybe 96W.

Short: 0.16A, Open: 170V  Most I was able to get was about 8 Watts out
of it.

These motors look pretty underpowered compared with some of the specs
I've seen on the net...  This isn't surprising since I think these are
20 years old.

Darcy, do you have any part numbers or specs for your steppers?

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