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Audio/Video Object Exhibition and Performance Series
Saskatoon/Regina March 28 - April 4  2011
Curated and performed by Give & Make
Presented by Regina-based audio art organization, Holophon

The title for Error Benders refers to a technique of modifying electronic
circuitry (circuit-bending) and to the acceptance/celebration of unwanted or
unintentional sounds that may result. As a point of departure, this
aesthetic of exploration and acceptance challenges traditional paradigms of
music composition, control, and parameter, as well as the relationship
between composer and performer. Error Benders engages with these ideas
through exhibition and performance of, and its goals include:

To curate objects in the form of modified or rebuilt musical or visual
instruments from artists across Canada, and to present these objects in

To present the instruments and the artists’ methods and technologies,
including a consideration of physical objects as musical score and modes of

To design and deliver hands-on workshops for building simple electronic or
electroacoustic musical and visual instruments.


Holophon is now accepting submissions for Error Benders: a performance-based
exhibition with home-made, modified and/or rebuilt electronic audio or
visual instruments.  Selected artists will be paid an honorarium in exchange
for the “borrowing” of their instrument, and all shipping costs will be
covered. Selected artists will also receive documentation of their
instrument in performance and as part of workshops and artist talks in
Saskatoon and Regina, in which audiences will see and hear their work,
methodology and technical approach. Unfortunately, funding for travel is not
available for selected artists. To participate, artists are required to
submit a digital photo or video of the instrument and a brief description of
technique and practice. Please see below for submission instructions.

Give & Make tread unpredictable territory with performances and
installations that encourage outside participation and exploration. They
welcome glitches and other errors in their works, feeding off the irregular
and not always palpable control. In the current project, Error Benders, the
duo will perform with and present the work of artists across Canada who
build unique and fascinating electronic media instruments.

Prairie artists Jeff Morton and Leeane Berger formed the duo Give & Make in
2009 during a collaborative exhibit in Saskatoon, as part of Z-Axis, at
PAVED Arts, curated by Carrie Gates.  Their installation piece was a neon
twilight environment of circuit-bent electronics and generative video built
from hackable consumer electronics and make-able software, a visually
tangible array of sound controlled by the participation of the public.
 Z-Axis also featured Leeane Berger and Jeff Morton in a series of workshops
on tools and techniques for live electronic media performance and

Submission Instructions

To submit your instrument for consideration as part of Error Benders, please
provide the following items in an email:

(1) Photos and audio samples, or video of your instrument being played
(2) Short description of the technique(s) used to build the instrument
(3) Short bio including a description of artistic/creative practice.
(4) Dimensions (width, height, depth) and approx. weight of the object

Artists should consider size, durability, and feasibility of shipping the
instrument, because this attribute will play a part in the selection
process. Only Jeff Morton and Leeane Berger will handle the instruments, and
with proper care and respect. Selected artists may also attach a sale price
to their instrument, and if sold the entire fee would be forwarded to the

Email submissions are due by Feb 10, 2011.

Contracts and shipping forms will be forwarded to selected artists shortly

Please submit proposals and questions to:

Give & Make, ℅ holophon3 at gmail.com

Subject: Error Benders Call for Submissions -- FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION --

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