[Lab] bicycle design

Richard Guy Briggs rgb at tricolour.net
Tue Jan 11 15:58:59 EST 2011

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 03:26:20PM -0500, Darcy Whyte wrote:
> I know there are bicycle experts among us. :)
> I'm recently back in touch with a lost cousin of mine. The last I saw him we
> were about 7 years old and running around with paper airplanes at our
> grandmother's yard!
> Turns out he's into bikes: http://mambohead.com/2011/01/recumbent-bicycles/

Where does he live?  There are a few homebuilders in Ottawa...

Anyone interested in recumbents, cargo bikes and other whacky
contraptions should check HPVOoO http://hpv.tricolour.net 
(Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa)

	slainte mhath, RGB

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