[Lab] Ottawa Mantis CNC Build

Tom Burns tom.i.burns at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 02:14:35 EST 2011


I regret to inform you I am no longer participating in a build of a Mantis
CNC.  After reviewing the amount of work that is left as an exercise to the
builder from the official site, and looking at comparable options for a
similar complete price, I have decided to get a CNC kit from

All the information I have compiled regarding the Mantis build is available
on the wiki page.  I have removed myself as the organizer.

Sorry if this has delayed anyone's CNC build or purchase.  You can still
sign up for the MyDIYCNC at discounted preorder prices from their website
for another 70 hours.  I would have sent this email with more time to spare
but due to a death in my family I was travelling until today.

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