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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Fri Dec 2 08:51:21 EST 2011

I get hoards of spam but thans to gmail, much of it doesn't reach me. But
this is a new angle. Include a joke:

Dear Sir/Madam,****

** **

How are you! This is Juana from HFT-Tech Co. Ltd, which is a professional
plastic injection mould manufacturer in****Shenzhen**, **China****. I sent
you email before, but no reply from you, now I send again and attached here
with a little joke, sincerely hope can bring you happiness.****

** **

A Newspaper carried this classified ad, "The man who picked up my wallet on
****Market Street**** was recognized. He is requested to return it.” A few
days later this ad appeared, "The recognized man who picked up your wallet
on ****Market Street**** requests the loser to get it."****

** **

If you have any new project to be done, please kindly inform me, and
appreciate your soon reply, thank you!****

** **



HFT-Tech Co.,Ltd.****

website: www.hft-tech.com****

Factory Add: Building B1 **ZhanFeng** **Industrial Park**, Hang Cheng
Industrial  District, Xi **Xiang** **Town**, Bao An District, ****Shenzhen**
 , **China********

Tel: 86-755-27947154 EXT85 Fax: 86-755-29370049  Email: juana at hft-tech.com
 Skype: HFT-Tech02
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