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Hello Jim,

The motors will run off any dc voltage but they are rated for over 100 volts. Off my 18V drill battery they have some torque but don't spin very fast. I don't know if they would push a bike unless you used a higher voltage. Worth bench testing.

The motor controllers are switch mode power supplies that are designed to run off 110ac. Wouldn't work off low voltage DC without significant modifications. Would be easier to scrap them for parts and build a low voltage PWM motor controller. Just a guess. 

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i am interested in the dc motors so i could convert my bike to a e
bike do you have the speed controllers as well for them

and welcome to the insanity of The LAB heheh

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> Hello builders and thinkers,
>    My name is Tony Elwood. I've been following the mailing list for a few weeks, eavesdropping on all the interesting craziness you people have been up to. I have been building and inventing things since I was a kid and had a box of wires, batteries and lightbulbs.
> Just getting back into it now playing around with a chipkit uno arduino based on microchips 32 bit chip. I built a shield out of treadmill parts to drive an 8x8 led matrix. Amazingly it works.
> I do service for a fitness company and we are cleaning out stock of obsolete parts. Does anyone have a use for treadmill drive or incline motors. We have a big pile that will be scrapped. Many of them are brand new. I may be able to get some for free. The drive motors are dc, 1.5-3 HP. The linear actuators are slow but high torque gearbox ac motors with wormwheel shafts on them.
> Let me know if anyone is interested.
> Hope to attend a lab soon and meet you all.
> -Tony
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