[Lab] Introduction and question

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Wed Aug 24 17:29:13 EDT 2011

Hello builders and thinkers,

    My name is Tony Elwood. I've been following the mailing list for a few weeks, eavesdropping on all the interesting craziness you people have been up to. I have been building and inventing things since I was a kid and had a box of wires, batteries and lightbulbs. 

Just getting back into it now playing around with a chipkit uno arduino based on microchips 32 bit chip. I built a shield out of treadmill parts to drive an 8x8 led matrix. Amazingly it works. 

I do service for a fitness company and we are cleaning out stock of obsolete parts. Does anyone have a use for treadmill drive or incline motors. We have a big pile that will be scrapped. Many of them are brand new. I may be able to get some for free. The drive motors are dc, 1.5-3 HP. The linear actuators are slow but high torque gearbox ac motors with wormwheel shafts on them. 

Let me know if anyone is interested. 

Hope to attend a lab soon and meet you all. 

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