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Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sat Aug 20 13:12:04 EDT 2011

You may recall from last ModLab that one of the guests who received a
soldering iron as a gift worked on a project.

Norm and Guy got him hooked up and he completed a Game of Life blinky:

That was a great experience for everyone (as you can see from the pictures
and video I took).

What if we had some sort of a kit on hand that members of the general public
(and our friends, non subscribed participants and so forth) could make when
they drop by the open house. When you think of it, the open house is a
couple of hours twice per month. And there are between zero and 6 GP that
show up due to word of mouth. Only about 1/2 would take the opportunity to
make a simple kit so we'd only be holding the can for about 5 kits per
month. So if we could come up with a fun project and source the parts
ourselves, perhaps the unit cost could be a couple of bucks.

Perhaps it could be something wearable. Like a flashing pin. We could brand
that easily through printing. Or perhaps the body of the pin could be
printed on the maker bot.

Perhaps it could be something that could eventually become our logo. A
wearable POV or wand POV.

Some sort of reminder clip with an led (like you'd put around your finger)
but perhaps based on a clothes pin.

Finger puppets?

Sound activated LED pin (piezo)?
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